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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thanks for the reacharound.

Those of you who enjoy the Raving Atheist forum (not the insipid drivel posted by the former Raving Atheist but the forums where actual atheists can be found) might have noticed a good deal of pathetic crying lately. I refer specifically to a couple of cumchuggers called Empire and Bogacious B (the B stands for bitch, presumably). The surprising thing about these moronic rent boys is not the idiotic shite they were coming out with, but the fact that they are apparently atheists. Now, I’m not saying that assclownery and atheism are mutually exclusive. This is clearly not the case, but at the Raving Atheists forums the whining bitches are usually theists who come in and are then shocked to discover that we don’t serve their kind, and they’ll have to wait outside (or be prepared to learn how stupid their belief system is). In this case though the tards in question were attempting to argue that it is bad for atheists everywhere to be mean to theists; I can’t even count the number of ways in which their “arguments” were wrong. For one thing, these cunts fail to understand that atheists are a disparate group with nothing in common other than a non-belief in god. It is therefore impossible for the actions of any one atheist to reflect upon others unless they specifically endorse it. Furthermore, the concept of placating theists is repulsive. Do they go about their business and try to keep things friendly with people who don’t share their (moronic) beliefs? Do they bollocks. Well, some of them do, but as a whole religious organizations go out of their way to condemn others. Take the homosex for example. If they are not doing it (many of them are, but that’s another story) what the fuck does it have to do with them? And yet warriors for Jeebus will come out en masse to protest a civil union between homosexuals. What understanding people they must be to stick their arrogant stuck up noses in where it is not wanted and has no business at all. Intolerance of other religions and the godless is actually built into their big book of bullshit. The fundamental basis of faith is that the faithful are in possession of an absolute authority and truth, and being absolute there is absolutely no room for error or compromise whatsoever. That means that religious cunts cannot be reasoned with, and if their rules say that a certain group of people are evil or should be condemned, then that’s the end of it. And these are the people whom those crying pussies say I should be nice to in order for us to all get along. Forget it dickwads, it’s just not on the fucking cards. Not my card though, but gods cards. That’s like saying you should be grateful to the big biker dude who fucks you up the arse in jail because he gave you a reacharound. I think not. I have no wish to associate with those who are willing to ignore reason and embrace such an obvious lie that one wonders how they can even bring themselves to talk about Jeebus in public. The same crying pussies then go on to say that we can never expect theists to “de-convert” if all we do is tell them they are stupid assholes. So fucking what? I’m not in the de-conversion game. It’s not my business to change their minds and I would not expect them to listen to me any more than I would them. If you choose to be a fucking douchegoblin then that is your right Just don’t expect people to think it’s a good idea. It’s impossible to have a reasonable exchange of ideas with anyone who believes that there are any absolutes. Once someone is convinced that they are absolutely right about something they can then justify anything at all. Such people are dangerous. They are the ones who fly planes into buildings, blow up abortion clinics, murder homosexuals and paint swastikas on synagogues. Most religious people aren’t that extreme, but they do have the mistaken belief that they are in possession of an absolute truth, and that belief is the seed from which the vilest aspects of humanity can grow. So, crying pussies, excuse me if I choose not to encourage this sort of cretinism by dignifying it. I see it as the same as racism of homophobia once were. When it was socially acceptable to be a racist a lot of people were. And a lot of children learned to be that way too. Now that it is not socially acceptable racism is on the decline. When religious beliefs are openly mocked and revealed as the irrational, contradictory and fraudulent horseshit they so clearly are then perhaps we will finally emerge from the dark ages of the human race into a world where ancient goat herding zombies have no bearing on society. Fuck all theists, even the nice ones.