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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Religiots and Science: the incompatible mix of intellectual depravity and excellence.

As most normal people know, Christ punchers are full of shit. It’s almost embarrassing to simply state this because it is so obvious, but what is not so obvious are the incredible lengths to which these blinkered fools will go in order to (inadvertently) demonstrate this point. One area in which godidiots routinely reveal their spectacularly shocking ignorance is when they speak of science. It may be an asinine attempt to refute evolution “how come there is still monkeys if we is all come from monkeys then? It don’t make no sense” or some confused invocation of the laws of thermodynamics to prove that….. Actually, I don’t know what they are trying to prove when they do that. Maybe they are just trying to make intelligent brains shut down so as to protect their fragile “arguments”.

In almost all cases the assclowns trying to use science to back up their religious views (or even just trying to demonstrate that there is no contradiction (by the way, pi is a little larger than 3.0 you cubit sucking dong slurpers)) have no actual knowledge of science. They may have some high school education (if they are among the religious intellectual elite), but they almost never have any first hand knowledge of scientific principles, or of the way that science is actually done these days. No wonder it is so fucking easy to persuade right wing Christologists that global climate change is a giant conspiracy made up by ganja smoking scientists who all agree to falsify their research for some reason.

Is it a matter of concern to religious people that the majority of scientists are atheists? Very often god fearing tards will go on and on about all the famous scientists from the past who were theists. Big fucking deal cumchuggers! Everyone was a fucking believer in those days. A few hundred years ago admitting you were an atheist was socially damaging, to say the least. If the scientists of the past had any doubts about the veracity of the catechism (or equivalent) they, quite wisely, kept it to themselves. Claiming that Galileo or Newton or Boyle were hard core jeebus junkies is fucking absurd. But the cunts go further; they also love to claim Einstein and Hawking, which is not absurd, it’s just laughable. Both of these scientists have made the nature of their religious views very plain, so that only those bent on obfuscation could ever fail to understand. In both cases what they have said amounts to a deep respect and a feeling of awe with respect to the totality of nature, which probably has something to do with the way these scientists are able to experience reality in a unique way related to their intense understanding of it. What you most certainly won’t find these guys doing is expressing any feelings of admiration or awe for lying cunts in dresses waving incense on a stick and threatening to send people to hell for trivial and normal activities (many of which they probably engage in on a regular basis: yeah, I’m looking at you Haggard. We all know you like luxury).

Pathetic attempts to claim some of the greatest minds in history as fellow theists notwithstanding, the godchuggers are unable to deal with a present day reality: most scientists do not believe in god. There are many studies that show this, but I’m not going to quote any here: I encourage you to go search for yourself. I did and found that practically all surveys showed this to be that case. There are some studies that did not agree, and they all looked a bit fishy. Coincidentally these were all carried out by religious organisations (or right wing conservative “think” tanks, which usually amounts to the same thing). Thus, don’t take my word for it: go look. I can also tell you from 14 years working in various physics departments in the US and the UK, and having many friends who are professional scientists, I would put the fraction of scientists in my age group who are religious as less than 10%. I chose this number only because I know more gay physicists than christian physicists, so it’s an upper limit. You may think I’m a cunt for not providing links to these studies of the religiosity of scientists, but it’s for your own good. This point is often violently argued by the Sky-Daddy brigade, and any study one quotes will be attacked for (usually) vacuous reasons. I realise that my own personal experience proves nothing. There are many reasons why Christian physicists might stay away from me, and even more reasons why gay physicists might not (I can’t help it if I look good). Nevertheless, what I can say is that in scientific circles religion is not usually mentioned at all. I implore you to look for yourself, and if enough people report what they find in the comments section then the truth will out.

If I were a member of a group (of shitsuckers) whose core beliefs, based on the teachings of some random goat herding chavs from 2000 + years ago, were rejected by the most intelligent humans alive today, it might give me reason to reconsider my membership. At least it might if I hadn’t been the victim of mental child abuse. I have heard on more than one occasion that scientists are just ashamed to admit that they are religious in front of other scientists. Well, too fucking right! Of course they are, the same way that uncle McFilthy is ashamed to admit to his family that he can’t come to the reunion because it is within 500 yards of a school. Face it christers, your vast numbers consist largely of uneducated hicks, deluded fools and duplicitous con merchants (like the pope). The number of rational, intelligent and well educated theists is a mystery: if they exist they probably keep quiet, for obvious reasons (does god really hate fags?). I would love to see a graph of the fraction of people who believe in god versus time. You could try to make one, but what you would actually get is merely the fraction of people who aren’t willing to admit that they don’t believe. Maybe some hard core Christ puncher made such a graph and then extrapolated to find out when the religiots would be the minority, and set that as the date for the rapture. Is the rapture just a metaphor for the end of this foolishness? I fucking hope so. Then who’s going to be left behind mother fuckers?

Perhaps the most laughable aspect of the attempted use of science for religious verification is the utter lack of understanding that these cockmunchers have of how science is actually done. This is especially obvious when they claim that scientists conspire to promote some theory for their own ends. It makes no sense at all. In order for such a conspiracy to exist you would need hundreds of thousands of disparate people to tacitly agree to an obvious lie, which in some cases would mean people sacrificing their careers in order not to show research. Only someone brought up in a global institution of deceit, coercion and manipulation could ever conceive of such a scenario. That is to say, only a theist could do it. For fucks sake, can so many people be that deluded?

Let me tell you of a personal experience which shows how the scientific method actually operates. I did an experiment that used a new technique to study an old problem (I won’t go into the details, but I will be happy to inform interested parties further). I wrote up the experiment in the usual way and submitted it to the journal Physical Review Letters. This is considered by many to be the premier physics journal, and I have published there before. It is supposed to be for the “best” work, and I thought this particular work had a chance, but often work submitted to PRL is not accepted because it isn’t thought to be novel enough, and then they usually forward it on to another Physical Review journal. This is what happened in this case, and it was sent to Physical Review B, which is the condensed matter section of the journal. I sort of expected this, but thought it was worth a try to get it in PRL. In any case, the initial peer review at PRL was done by two anonymous referees, and then after it was sent down to PRB I picked up two more referees, and I was required to address all of their concerns before the article could be accepted (this is the downside to taking a chance at a PRL submission). It took over 6 months with many many revisions before I could satisfy all of these referees. In some cases the referees comments were contradictory, and I had to deal with that by writing what is practically a separate article, trying to explain the points in dispute to all of the referees (but without making them look foolish, even though one of them had made a very silly mistake). The point is, the article was published (in PRB) but I had to defend every bit of it to a tedious degree. It took longer to convince the referees than it did to do the fucking experiment, but the arguments were all about the science. I had to justify my data and my conclusions, and it was only after I had done so to their satisfaction that the paper was accepted for publication.

Now, I think that peer review is a bit of a fucked up system: had I had different referees in my first round the original article might well have ended up in PRL. However, I can admit that it would not have been as good. After all that irritating wrangling and even being demoted to PRB (which is also rather subjective), what I ended up with is a much better paper, so I am not dissatisfied. To paraphrase Winston, peer review is the worst system of evaluation we have, apart from all the others. Anyone who thinks that this sort of process can occur and still result in some sort of conspiracy is fucking dreaming. Still, that’s a good way to describe those who believe in god: they are fucking dreaming. Well, here’s a wake up call for you, you dreaming jelly-sheeple:

1) I put more effort into proving the truth of my one paper than you have for your entire religion.

2) Hundreds of thousands of such papers are published every week.

3) Most of the people who spend their lives doing this sort or work (which involves making sure things are correct) reject your views entirely.

Science is not like religion assholes. It can’t be manipulated to tell you shit that makes you feel better, and it can’t be forced into the worldview of some long dead liars who just happened to be so good at bullshitting that god loving teabagees are still hoping for another dunk on the forehead even now, when the jig is most surely up. What will it take to make that obvious? St. Teabag [TBUH] won’t return to dab upon your brow, and the mother fucker what done created this whole shebang sure as shit don’t give a fuck, so what are you going to do assgoblins?


If you believe in both god and gravity ask yourself this: which one can I rely on?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Atheist motto?

over at the raving atheist they are talking about having an atheist motto. I say fuck that. There's no motto for people who don't believe in pixies, or for people who don't believe that idiot rednecks pissed up on the moonshine are getting anal probes from ET. I know that these particular groups are not dominating our society but the fact is atheists are all different. The only thing they share is the ability to recognize religious themed bullshit when they see it. So I say there can be no atheist motto. But there can be an atheist sentiment, and it is this: fuck all religions. You're all a bunch of dupes, howling at the moon while a middle aged pervert in a dress spoon feeds you the essence of dumb, and you can't get enough of it. Stupid fucks.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter: the wankiest god holiday of them all


Thank fuck Easter is over. Of all the religious holidays that bukkakke us with a giant scrotum of moron juice every year, this one has to be the most annoying. Everyone knows that Christmas has got fuck all to do with Jeebus and is really a capitalist celebration of greed and sickening songs. I don’t know what all those fucking Jewish holidays are about, but they keep pretty quiet about that shit anyway so it doesn’t really bother me. In any case, as retarded as anything to do with religion is, at least their holidays make sense in the context of a racist and psychopathic celebration of brutality and murder in the service of a cosmic fucktard. But what the fuck have rabbits and eggs got to do with a fictional jewish zombie dadwanker?

If you are going to invent the lamest story ever told, and get hundreds of different writers on board why not try and polish it up a little so that later spastics who think its all true don’t feel the need to embellish the tales with brightly coloured eggs and a shit load of chocolate. After all, by writing such a crap story to begin with you are pretty much admitting that it’s all bullshit. A powerful being who is the very definition of love is going to make me suffer for all eternity just because I spooged up on the floor? Seriously. There’s really no point making a list of all the idiotic shite in the bible. Just read the mother fucking bible, it is a list of all the idiotic shite in the bible. The best way to simulate living a truly biblical life would be to insert your head into a bull’s asshole. Nevertheless this easter thing is puerile codswallop even by the standards of the buy bull.

The best part of the bible is the crucifiction. After reading that you think “thank fuck that cunt Jesus is dead. Maybe now these wankers will stop being such arseholes”. Of course, they don’t, because the people who invented them were arseholes themselves, so what they thought were really well rounded characters are simply a reflection of their own arseholesihness. Even so, Jesus is a cunt, so I can see why nailing the little bitch up to a cross is a reason to celebrate. But then he comes back from the dead. I don’t know about you, but if I see some Jewish geezer nailed to a cross with a spear in his side and a huge wooden dildo sticking out of his arse one day, and then three days later the same bloke is walking around I’ll cut the fuckers head off. You can’t be too careful with these zombies. And it seems that Jesus is a mega zombie, because even though he is made up he is still eating peoples brains two mother fucking thousand years later.

My theory is that if the mega zombie ever returns he will be impervious to ordinary weapons. The only things that can stop him are eggs and rabbits. This is why those in the know stock up on them around easter, when he is likely to return (or so they think). When you see these fucking twats walking around with the rabbit ears on (and I don’t mean those sexy bunny babes) you probably think “what an unbelievable cunt” but they will be the ones laughing when zombie jesus is eating your brain, but staying away from them in case they really are rabbits. However, the ironic thing is that zombie jesus likes to eat brains, and these shitheads don’t have any. If he does come back and eat your brain then you will probably just end up becoming a Christian, which is a bit like getting a lobotomy. Before hand you would do anything to avoid it, but afterwards you’re too fucking stupid to know what is going on, so you can live out your pathetic life as a fuzzy headed cretin and enjoy the finer things life has to offer like bits of string, shiny things and, of course, your all loving mega cunt of a fucking god.

(Thanks to Ghoulslime for the artwork. )