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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Science? What the fuck is that?

Do you have faith in science? What the hell kind of stupid arse fool question is that, you might ask (with a shocking disregard for grammar, I should add). Well, do ya, punk? Do you understand how a computer works? Do you appreciate MOSFET based technology? You should, because it has helped wankers all over the world spill their seed on mom’s carpet. (Mom, like God, generally does not approve of such onanistic wanktivities, but that’s not the point.) The point is this, some religiots like to say that atheists simply worship science in the same way that theists worship god; That is, they take it on faith that the science is right only because they are told so by others who claim to speak the truth, and expect to be believed, while they themselves have no direct knowledge at all. This is true, in the same way that the statement “George W Bush is a fucking genius” is true. (If there are any dubya fans out there, that means it has minimal veracity.)

Nevertheless, the creationist nutjobs have an inkling of a point. Most people do take science on faith. When they read in a dozen books about cosmology that scientists think the universe is over a billion years old, they soon come to believe that themselves. Ask them. It’s a simple test. Just jump out from the oatmeal at Safeway and ask “dude, how old is the universe?”

You will probably get one of four answers:

1) 6000 years and not a day older!

2) Fuck off intellectual cunt. Why you always gots to be tinking, innit.

3) About 15 billion years, now bugger off, I need to buy some teriyaki sauce because it goes nicely with babies, which I eat all the time, even when I’m not hungry, coz that’s just how I do this shit. I eat babies. Did I tell you? Raargh!

4) Excuse me sir, would you mind emptying your pockets?

Well, people DO take the word of scientists, for the most part. Why is that? Maybe it’s because they are their own monitors. Peer review has many problems, which I would love to go into someday, but not today. What you can say about it is that it fucking works, for the most part. It might have some temporary fuck ups, but these are self correcting, and the reason why it works is a simple universal truth: people are fucking arseholes. If one guy publishes a result in your field, the first thing you do is check it. If you get the same answer you publish that and say how great the first guy is, but you too are now great. If you get a different answer you publish that and say what an assclown the first guy is, but you are awesome because you spotted this error. Then some other guy will realize that you fucked up, the first guy was right, and then you get a double ass pounding for your impertinence. However it turns out, science has a way of pounding out the truth.

This is the real scientific method. There is falsification, and then there is fistification, and it takes some time to recover from such a fisting. As a relatively young scientist I have learned that this is the way of the world. I would never lie about my data. The main reason for this is that I am extremely awesome and honest. Another reason is that I know that such lies are easily found out. If you publish interesting results, thousands of people will read them, and then try to duplicate them. You will be tested. Bullshitting is really foolish, even if you are an expert, and even then it won’t be beautiful (cf. the Henrik Schön scandal at Bell labs.).

So, there is some reason to trust scientists: they are (as far as we know) humans, and thus will fuck each other over at the first opportunity if it will help further their own myopic interests. That means that a scientific consensus is probably a good approximation to a scientific truth, string theory notwithstanding. Despite all this, there is a much more obvious reason to think that scientific “belief” holds more water than any kind of theology: Technology. Where is your mother fucking Jesus powered car? I’ll tell you where, it’s up your Jesus powered arse you stupid cunt. Everything in our modern lives is technology based. You can’t even wake up without enjoying the technological application of the photoelectric effect, et al.

Another matter worthy of consideration is this: do scientists care whose dick you suck? Of course they do, they want you to suck their dicks. But this rarely happens. Christians also seem to care about cock suckering, but it is usually a damage limitation based concern. Somehow the belief in god translates into a knowledge of what humans should and should not do. This would, like all religious concerns, be nothing more than a trivial joke were it not for the intrusiuons religiosity has on normal people. Was Jesus born to a virgin or a crafty skank? I don't give a fuck, but the violence between Christians of slightly differing viewpoints is not restricted to christ punchers; sometimes rational people are affected by it. Was muhammed a prophet from the one true god, or a child molesting murderer with serious halitosis? Again, I don't give a shit, but I surely will if I gets blowed up by some mother fucking A-rabs with a hankerin' for raisins. I don't know about you, but I really do not want to see Sheiks on a plane. It gets worse when you see christ punchers fucking up stem cell research and making abortions illegal. If these cunts had their way I would have to suffer the indignity of having 10 kids and parkinsons in my old age. Fuck that shit. And one can only assume that a solid expectation of the rapture is enough to justify treating the earth like a 5 dollar whore. Somehow, for some cumchuggers, the beauty that is science is overwhelmed by the rancid turdage of religon. What kind of mental hoops must one jump through to justify reducing access to condoms (and therefore increasing risk of HIV infection) just because a gay nazi sith lord says so?

So why believe in science over religion?

If you think this is a valid question you should eat your own colon so you can then re-digest the idiocy that you shat out of your brain, to make sure it wasn’t as banal as it seemed on the first parsing.

Often the terms "stupid cunt" and "Christian" or "Muslim" are used synonymously. I feel this is unfair to stupid cunts. Which are you?


Well, are you? Sometimes the information is not available. I can help. If you are not sure if you are a stupid cunt or not, this simple test will settle the cuntological quotient question (the CQQ).



(1) Are you a cunt?

(2) Does yo’ mama’s ass have its own zip code?

(3) Does Mr. T. pity you in any way?

(4) Are you sure you’re not a cunt?

(5) Do you do anal?

(6) Is it not incorrect that it was wrongly stated that someone falsely implied that another had said that you were in fact not a cunt?

(7) Was Princess Diana’s death awesome?

(8) Will Saddam Hussein’s death not be awesome?

(9) Was Jesus’ death transitory?

(10) Is G.W. Bush the best prez ever?

(11) Who would win in a fight between robocop, jesus, muhammed and Mumm-Ra out of the thundercats?

(12) If dadwanking is wrong, do you wanna be right?

(13) Is it ok to come in a womans mouth if you gave her a fake name?

(14) Does it make you sick that congress cancelled the superconducting super collider because it was going to cost 14 billion dollars when the "war" in Iraq is now costing 2 billion per week?

(15) Is it still gay to get a blow job from a sexy shemale if you only find out half way through?

(16) Do muslims eat shit for pleasure rather than religious reasons?

The answer key is available to those who are unable to determine if they are in fact a stupid cunt. Just send me an e mail with " I am not quite sure if I am a stupid cunt or not" as the subject and I will get right back to you.

(To save time, if you have to ask, you are almost cerainly a very stupid cunt).


Professor Chaos said...

Well, shit, where's the answer key? I need to know if I'm a stupid cunt!

Evil_Mage_Ra said...

Haha, good stuff. One of the best looks into the realities of being a part of the scientific community I've read.

Holopupenko said...

     Upon which of the modern empirical sciences (MESs) do you rely to support validity of the moral claim “bullshitting is really foolish,” or that you are “awesome” (which MES validates adjectives like that?), or the “simple universal truth: people are fucking arseholes”? Also how do you validate the scientific method… by the self-referential (i.e., logically fallacious) claim that “it works,” i.e., the scientific method works/is true because the scientific method works/is true? Finally, according to metaphysical naturalists, there is no “real” purpose or free will (see Dennett). But doesn’t science have a purpose, namely, to seek truth about the physical world? Don’t we need to use our free will to be convinced of whether your are right or wrong? How to you reconcile these two views? Or will you avoid all these questions by asserting “because I said so!” Inquiring minds want to know...

Choobus said...


first of all I consider you to be a retarded clown and therefore have no desire to address your concerns in any serious manner. It is only my innate awesomeness that prevents me from deleting your message. That awesomeness is self evident, and only a fool would question it. However, I will tell you this: I did not assert that "bullshitting is really foolish" was a moral claim, but as a strategy likely to fail. IF you were able to both read and comprehend this would have been obvious.

As for the universailty of arseholeishness, I rely on the principle of induction, and your existance adds another tick in the arsehole column.

It is not for me to validate the scientific method. The results speak for themselves. It may have flaws, but we have computers. Suck on that salty power wang you shitstabbing jeetard.

You can stick your straw dildo argument regarding free will deep in your godhole. Referring to Dennet just makes you look like a cunt since it has fuck all to do with anything.

Holopupenko said...

     I graciously thank you for proving my point: you're clueless as to why you believe what you believe because you can't defend your assertions rationally... OR, more likely, you're afraid of something. Fair thee well...

Choobus said...

If you must defile my awesome chooblog with your fecal ramblings at least try to make some kind of sense you christ punching fucktard.

Professor Chaos said...

Well, Choobus, it is rather lonely over at holopupenko's blog.

Choobus said...

I just left a nice message there for the shithead, but like all theist wankers he does not allow unmoderated comments. That alone proves what a cumchugging shitsucking momfisting fucktard he is.

Bazarov said...

A great post. I would never use the word "faith" to describe a certain level of "trust" I have for science. As long as you learn about the methods of science and realize that any truth may be overturned by somebody else at some later time, then you're good to go.
My favorite line was, "Where is your mother fucking Jesus powered car?" Excellent!

KaKnowledge said...

This is by far the best post you have done so far. I am humbled by your awesomness.



Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

I did a chick up the ass once, and I would do it again, but my wife won't let me do her or anyone other chick that way.
So in theory I still give anal.
How should I answer that question? Yes or no?

Choobus said...

does your wife like vodka?

krazykristian said...

I don't understand why many Christians bring up science in the first place when speaking to atheists. I accept the knowledge of science, but many Christians don't even want to hear what science has to offer because they're convinced it's "evil" or something.

Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

Choobus, my wife will drink anything.
And there are nights I could take advantage of that, but I'm not that kind of Atheist.

Choobus said...

Bacon muncher, perhaps if you agree to let her fuck you in the ass wirth a strap on she will accept a consignment of canadian sausage in her tradesmans entrance.

Choobus said...

can you prove your grandfather was not a bowl os soup? As a matter of fact, I tend to agree with you. It seems far more likely that your grandfather was a bucket of shit.

And guess what, you really take after him.

krazykristian said...

I need a new name. I don't want to identify myself as a Christian anymore. Every day in school, the teachers try to teach us more and more about the Bible and about Jesus, but it's so obviously just a fairy tale. I'm not quite ready to call myself an atheist, because I think there might be a God.

Any suggestiosn for a new name?

Evil_Mage_Ra said...

How 'bout "krazyagnostic"?

Choobus said...

how about krazy4anal

ZenMicroPhoto said...

choo-upthebutt- answer holos questions, you weenie-wanking coward

Choobus said...

what questions microdick?

Boog said...

"but like all theist wankers he does not allow unmoderated comments. That alone proves what a cumchugging shitsucking momfisting fucktard he is"


Los Pepes said...

Choobus (anal be upon him), I FUCKING LOVE YOU!

...it's it's mostly platonic...

Oh, and BTW, Mumm-Ra and Robocop would be the last two standing, but I've got to give the edge to Robocop (Mumm-Ra never really killed anyone, ya know?)

Anonymous said...

How about Cumm-Ra?

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm grandfather monkey soup

Holopupenko said...

Choobs & Chaos:
     ANY position/argument you would care to post to my blog must be free of ad hominem and foul language. Those are the rules for my blog, and no one need answer to your expectations of right and wrong. You may, of course, run your blog in any way you see fit.

     I don't need that kind of help, and neither Choobs nor anyone deserve that kind of condescension.

Professor Chaos said...

That's funny, holo, considering that if one looks at your blog right now, all one will see is ad hominem attacks against Richard Dawkins, including a photo of him in a dunce cap.

If you're going to dish it out, you should be able to take it.

Also, my post on your blog that you deleted was not an ad hominem attack. You referring to it as one proves its validity.

thetruthword said...

choobus look what you have let satan do through you. You have spread his demons far and wide.

Please choobus please resist satan, God will always take you in and heal your spirit, just ask!

Holopupenko said...

     You're a liar: it was an ad hominem attack on your part. Regarding Dawkins: when you convince Dawkins of ceasing and dissisting from his shrill ad hominem against Christians, I may consider your request. Also, you seem to have a lack of understanding of pictorial humor: sounds to me you should also then protest against the cartoons of Mohammed or Piss Christ or Dung Madonna, etc. if you'd like to avoid someone less charitable than I calling you a hypocrite... Finally, to both you and Choobs: humor us all--please use the modern empirical sciences ALONE to justify the moral imperative you are imposing that I "ought not" to be removing foul-language comments from my blog. Maybe you fear the ghost of Hume visiting you tonight?

Professor Chaos said...

holo: I couldn't give a fuck less about ad hominem attacks, it is you that is "against" them. (Unless, of course, you're the one dishing them out.)

And I lie about nothing. It was not an ad hominem attack. Your continued insistence upon referring to it as such only proves its truth.

Professor Chaos said...

homospelunko wrote: Finally, to both you and Choobs: humor us all--please use the modern empirical sciences ALONE to justify the moral imperative you are imposing that I "ought not" to be removing foul-language comments from my blog. Maybe you fear the ghost of Hume visiting you tonight?

Does this make you feel intelligent or something to talk this way? Cause you're really coming off as the pretentious, foolish douchebag that you are.

If you want to be a coward with your blog, by all means, continue.

thetruthword said...

Professor chaos

you are being influenced by satan. Ask God to guard and protect you and all will make perfect sense to you.

I believe you call yourself chaos because your life is in chaos. God can help you. It is satan that has caused your life to be this way. Turn to God He will set you free!

Professor Chaos said...

ynm, I am called chaos because that's what I bring when I shove my enormous manhood up your ass.

You will know me by my cock.

HomoCyclist said...

Choobus, I LOVE your points of view sir.
Great stuff!
Viva la Ciencia!

Holopupenko said...

     Yes, you are a liar.
     Because you assert “I couldn’t give a fuck less about ad hominem attacks,” [your English needs some work, by the way] you will not post to my blog. Thank you for clarifying your position. Deal with it. You have no objective moral claims on me.
     Additionally, your MO goes a long way in demonstrating that you are unable to enter into rational discussions supported by reasonable arguments: your only tool is ad hominem. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t understand the point of the MESs challenge: if Choobs is so scientistically-oriented, then he should be able to use his own rules of engagement to test his own immoral position… or, more likely, maybe not…

HomoCyclist said...

YNM said to professor chaos:
you are being influenced by satan. Ask God to guard and protect you and all will make perfect sense to you.

I believe you call yourself chaos because your life is in chaos. God can help you. It is satan that has caused your life to be this way. Turn to God He will set you free!

Go fuck yourself YNM. Don't you have Jesus's dick to suck?
...or is Satan's cock the one you like the most?
Leave professor chaos alone. He's awesome!

Professor Chaos said...

Please correct my English for me, homophobicpolenko.

Are you one of those idiots who says, "I could care less."

Is that it?

You are a homophobe. If I call you gay, which I didn't do, that is not an insult. There is nothing wrong with being gay, unless you are a Christ-punching retard like yourself. (*hint - that WAS an ad hominem attack.)

Like Choobus, Cap'n, HC, and the rest, I can debate you into the ground concerning religion. But what's the point? You'll still be a retarded coward, and I will have wasted my time.

Choobus said...

Oh Holodingus,

if only you read my blog. You would then have read this:

"Imagine you’re walking down the street and a filthy hobo approaches you, a manky looking cap in his outstretched hand evidencing his intention. Being a decent sort you give the repulsive tramp some green, and he then starts confiding in you. He tells you a story involving alien abduction, anal probing and time travel. Would you stop and argue with this rancid denizen of the streets, or dismiss his tall tale out of hand? Would it be a judicious use of your time and effort to research his story in order to refute it? Unless you are some sort of retard, the answer to this is obviously no. Why then do we treat the hobo’s of intellectualism (that is, theists) with such respect? What is the point debating religiots when the entire basis of their position can be summed up as “I have faith”? The stinking bin raider also has faith, faith that his diseased arsehole was inspected by E.T in a spaceship, but his demented rambling is given short shrift by all but the mentally ill."

The point being that I don't waste my time debating with religiots for the same reason I don't try to refute David Icke and his theory that alien shaepshifting lizards live in the center of the earth and are taking over tyhe world. Naturally you can't understand this, but really you should stop worrying about it and get that tin foil hat back on before the lizards hear what you are thinking and decide to anal probe you again.

And please quit trying to set up these embarrassing straw man arguments. It's pitiful. You and YNM are like the before and after guys in a lobotomy advertisement.

Unfortunately, it's hard to tell who is before and who is after.

thetruthword said...

I am only trying to save your soul from the lake of satan

HomoCyclist said...

youneedmercy said:
I am only trying to save your soul from the lake of satan

Hahahaha, YNM didn't have anything else to say after your fantastic Choobulistic post Choobus!

Choobus said...

YNM, you trying to save my soul is like george bush trying to help Stephen HAwking with his calculations.

Why don't you concentrate on saving your brain from its imminent decay into useless cat vomit? Or better yet, concentrate on saving humanity from Jeetards.

YNM have you done anal yet today?
Have you stopped doing anal?

Choobus said...

A question for holofool:

if nobody at all reads your blog, is it still shit? (here's a clue, the answer is yes).

Evil_Mage_Ra said...

please use the modern empirical sciences ALONE to justify the moral imperative you are imposing that I "ought not" to be removing foul-language comments from my blog.


Maybe that’s why you couldn’t understand the point of the MESs challenge: if Choobs is so scientistically-oriented, then he should be able to use his own rules of engagement to test his own immoral position… or, more likely, maybe not…

So let me get this straight......you want Choobus to use the scientific method to justify his personal preferences? What type of game are you trying to play, Holo?

Choobus said...

EMR, holospunk is a josher with no serious points to make other than how to be a shitstain.

Holopupenko said...

     Choobs said: "I don't waste my time debating with religiots"
     Choobs meant: "I'm scared to death because I have no argument. Better just to call people names."
     Holopupenko asserts: "I have no desire to debate religious faith with you in the first place."
     Pity party for Choobs, anyone?

Anonymous said...


James Winthorp PH.D said...

Sir, I am James Winthorp, PH.D of Church of the Sacred Swine. I have a PH.D.

I can disprove your garbage. I have already disproved it. You need to educate yourself about the Great Pig and Jesus Christ!

Please be saved before you burn in the flames and gears!

James Winthorp, PH.D

Professor Chaos said...

Choobus: If Homopolesmoker posts new garbage on his blog, and nobody is there to read it, does it still suck?

Los Pepes said...

That's deep.

How about this:

Which would win, irresistable diarrhea, or immovable constipation?

Choobus said...


I am scared of you in the same way that a galaxy is scared of a hydrogen atom. What you seem incapable of understanding is that you don't warrant full consideration because you are in the same catergory as schizo losers or drug addicts in that your rambling is too incoherant to even make a point, let alone a point worthy of debate. SO don't fucking tell me what I mean you fucking jeetard. I am very clear. You, on the other hand, like to obfuscate you intent becuase you have no basis; you are full of shit and you know it on some level. Why do you even come here asswipe? I'll tell you why: in your heart you recognize the awesomeness of Choobus, and even though you can't admit it, you want to be a prt of it. Also, it is probably depressing hanging around your one reader blog.

Sucked any big cocks today?

Dave Chappelle said...

I'm Rick James, bitch!

christtheking said...

Hate to break it to you, but scientists are disproving evolution more and more every day. Intelligent Design is an extremely sophisticated scientific theory that is gaining acceptance by scientific leaders throughout the world. Just read Darwin's Black Box, and you'll see what I mean.

By the way, I have degrees in both physics and biochemistry, so believe what I say when I say that evolution and the Big Bang are garbage.

JU Mike said...

"By the way, I have degrees in both physics and biochemistry, so believe what I say when I say that evolution and the Big Bang are garbage."

Is that so? At what university did you receieve them?

christtheking said...

Harvard University, one of the premier research institutions in the world.

Choobus said...

that's funny cumchugger, because I worked at harvard (in the dept of physics) for 2 years, and the consensus was that the big bang theory was more or less correct. Still, I wasted my time hanging out with the professors instead of learning from the jeetard student body. Oh what a fool I was.

DO you do anal?

By the way, I thought Elvis was the king. This Christ fellow needs to record some more albums before making such grandiose claims.

Holopupenko said...

     What precisely do you find so incorrect and threatening about the Big Bang Theory? Please feel free to use "big words": I have a Masters from Harvard.

     See what I mean?

Choobus said...


Holopupenko said...

     It's embedded in my response to your comment from yesterday to me.

christtheking said...

Look, the fact of the matter is that the Big Bang model can't even explain baryon asymmetry. "Baryogenesis" is just a bullshit process thought up by physicists to save a theory in crisis, and the Standard Model is certainly insufficient to explain it. If quantum mechanics is true, then there can be no CPT symmetry violation. I, for one, can't wait until the scientists at CERN prove that there is no difference between the spectra of hydrogen and anti-hydrogen, at which point you'll all see that the Big Bang is patently false.

Choobus said...

Christthe cock, you retarded fool, nobody expects antihydrogen to look any different from hydrogen. That does not actually help your retarded argument at all. The so-called baryon asymmetry is simply why is all the matter matter and not antimatter. IT does not necessarily have implications for CPT symmetry since there can be mechanisms that are statistical in nature and involve massive matter-antimatter annihilations with some residual left over. Clearly your ignorance is maintained by the IDiots and their pathetic cumchuggery.

IF the big bank is a crock of shit, what the fuck it the cosmic background radiation, assmonkey?

There Is said...

Where is your mother fucking Jesus powered car? I’ll tell you where, it’s up your Jesus powered arse you stupid cunt.

Ha, ha, Jesus powered car.

what you failed to mention, however, Choobus, is that technology is usually spun, or used in such a way as to further religious causes, which is why there are now Christian ATMs, and Bible DVDs, and someday, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Jesus car. It wouldn't be Jesus powered, but it would be Jesus promoting. The same can be said of any other fictional story expressed through modern means of technological production. Physics, and the Technology made possible as a result of physics knowledge is used as a means to express imagination of all form, including religious. Still, I prefer the reality-based Tesla car. Now that's savvy engineering.

Fuck you atheist bastard said...

Choobus, you should've been a blowjob.

Newport Vanderhaden said...

Scientists say stupid things, like that all life is made of carbon paper, or global warming caused a man named Nino in Peru to live! That is stupid! But I could own scientists if I wanted to.

Quit talking about Jesus and Bush! How many more tsunamis must Jesus send to punish this world because of fudgepackers like you!

Newport Vanderhaden.

Choobus said...

Newport, you are possibly the stupidest retard ever to taste the scabs on your mothers vagina.

The only thing you can own is your pubic hair, which you use to make small dolls that you sell on the street to get your moonshine money.

Stay away from here numbnuts. If you cvontinue to read my awesome posts you might grow a pair of balls and step up your IQ, and that would be a shame because the world needs losers like you to inspire people not to become shit eating jeetards.

christtheking said...

LOL! Shows how much you know. Why don't you re-take Physics 101, "Professor" Choobus.

Choobus said...


Do you have any kind of valid arguments against the big bang? I'd be interested to know what you know that escaped the nobel comittee. Did jesus whisper some cosmological secrets in your ear as he was pounding your ass with his divine member, giving you one of his famous reacharounds? Did he wipe your own ass candy onto your lip and give you a dirty joesph? Or maybe a bethlehem steamer? Holy Shit!
You lucky lucky X-psychotic.

If you have a non-retarded point, bring it; otherwise you should hang out at wank faltons shitlog where you can 69 each other for jeebus.

thetruthword said...

I am God's warrior! Look around you will find me everywhere I am needed. I spend 24 hours a day sending messages out trying to end satan's hold on people. Go has given me this strength. I no longer need sleep, food or water. I am carried by God's Awesome power.

God is awesome!

god said...

No I'm not!

Professor Chaos said...


You are an atheist playing games, or a former RA former member that has converted to Christianity.

You possibly are a schizophrenic tool, but most likely you're just a plain-old douche. Good luck with that.

thetruthword said...

You are trying to discredit me with that line of lies.

Look around you will find me all over the internet with exactly the same message.

Turn from satan and ask God to take you in.

The same message, all the time.

Look around, you no what I am saying is true that is why you are trying so hard to descredit me, because deep in your heart you can feel God's love. You know He is there. Stop being afraid of God. His load is easy and freeing.

Give it a try!

Choobus said...

OK YNM, all you have estabkished thus far it that you most likely live in your mothers basement. In order to prove that god has freed you from need ing food sleep or a brain, you'll have to do a little better. And I think you will also have to answer those charges that you suck off Japanese businessmen for 10 american dollar a mouthful, plus another five for swallowing. Jeebus don't take too kindly to that sort of thing (unless you're a priest, and the japanese businessmen are little boys).

yours in christ mother fucker,


Professor Chaos said...

youneedmercy said: "His load is easy and freeing."


Choobus said...

YNM is clearly a troll, but slightly amusing all the same. I wish I could evperience the load of jesus.

Anonymous said...

YNM: "Look around, you no what I am saying is true that is why you are trying so hard to descredit me, because deep in your heart you can feel God's love."

I don't "no" what you are saying is true. You do more to discredit god then anyone else ever could . . . I mean you are the best he has to send to the great chooblog?

Choobus said...

I think you mean the ,awesome chooblog don't you.......

jesus said...

Look around, you no what I am saying is true that is why you are trying so hard to descredit me,

YNM, you pretty much discredit yourself.

God said...

YNM, if you keep perturing these intelligent atheists, I will strike you down! Leave my children be, or you'll be cursed into everlasting hell!!!

Arch Enemy said...

Ha ha, I read your article yesterday and today I saw a car with a sticker on it saying "Powered by GOD." I thought it was a joke (there aren't too many foaming at the mouth fanatics around where I live) but when I got closer I saw a whole bunch of other christ related stickers.

Nice one Choobus

Scrotom said...

Choobus, you should've been a blowjob.

Choobus said...

scrotum shitstain,

it wasn't funny the first time, and it only goes downhill from there. Try to come up with some better material. Right now you're just gargling jism.

Anonymous said...

choobus I know you are an alcoholic. You should let these people know they are just following words that come from a can of beer.

I feel sorry for you and your followers.

Get a life!

Anonymous said...

My cat's breath smells like catfood.

Choobus said...

anonymous (too much of a pussy to leave a name?)

you "know" I'm an alcoholic? All you know is that uncle Bill has a bigger cock than your dad, and that's merely supposition based on rectal suffering.

In any case, I rarely drink beer. I prefer quality wine. I would, however, prefer a beer over your favourite beverage, which is jism, you cumchugging retard.

Disenchanted Bunny said...

omg I should check this blog more often.. I didn't realize you had REAL xtians posting here! Nothing is more interesting than deciphering the delusional back-door tactics of theistic pseudo-philosophy.

Luckily, I don't have to bookmark your blog cos you're still on RA's hate list. How many times did you have to suck his dick to get that publicity? Are you a theist?

Los Pepes said...

Choobus (anal be upon him) is the founder of Choobism.

I for one gladly pray the Choobery.

smellyoldgit said...

I was doing well on the cuntological analysis - I was only partialy cuntworthy - till I was shafted by Q.14 - now I'm a complete cunt.